Meals with Mince

Meals with Mince

Love it or loathe it, meals with mince are a family staple.  A little goes a long way and kids (even those with lazy teeth) tend to enjoy it.  There’s a mince for every budget from ‘basic frozen’ to ‘organic farm shop’. 

Never in fashion, but never out of fashion – mince is most definitely here to stay.  Varieties are extensive with the choice of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, venison, 5% fat, 10% fat, 20% fat… it goes on…

Personally I’m a big fan of mince.  I ate it as a small child (my Mum says I had lazy teeth!) and I’m still fond of it now, as are my own children. Memories of homely shepherds pies,  steaming bowls of bolognese and chilli con carne remind me of family meals growing up.  I thankfully was never exposed to the grey boiled mince of some peoples childhoods!

If the latter applies to you, and you’re still scarred by horrible mince memories, I’m urging you to let go of the past and give mince another go.

Here’s a few of my family’s top mince recipes.

Simple Keema Curry

Easy Curried Koftas

Italian Meatballs

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